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Posted by LumpyTouch - May 24th, 2021

I just uploaded one of my FAVORITE Ludum Dare games, SACRIFIGHTS! It's a Binding of Isaac-type bossrush game, super fun!



Pretty pumped it got 1st for graphics!

Give it a play here and let me know what you think!

What would you change/adjust if we made an updated version?




I'd clarify the objective of the game a little better. When I first played this I wasn't sure what to do. I ate the goat heart in the kitchen but soon realized I couldn't eat the other two items so I slept through 2 days before realizing I was supposed to go downstairs and summon another demon. That being said, fantastic fucking game.

Amazing little homicidal romp my friend.

I would love branching paths and harder bosses.

Amazing game

Add medals and seek out a possible fix for frame drops when a lot of sprites are on screen

Less fire-induced slowdown, more demons, more weird bullet attributes. And maybe a changing arena? That might be an interesting one to implement.

I'd add an endless mode to play after beating the main game.

I posted a little list of QoL and bugfix type stuff in the comments for the game before I saw this post. Besides those pretty much a longer difficulty ramp and more variety is all :)

Their is a cheat on the cyclops boss if you stand as close as possible to the south most wall while he is sealed you can spam shoot him while his eye laser beam disappears before it reaches you so you can fight him infinitely with no effort can you extend the reach of his lasers to fix this cheat. thx.

I just played it and killed final boss on the first try! But I got a little question, do the demons give more items after killing them and doing even more damage? (The right bar, it shows negative numbers if you attack them), and if there would be an update for the framedrops! It only happened on the basement with and without demons! Even though, it was an excellent game!

Is there any way we could get the name of the theme/track that's played at the title screen? May there be a way to download/pay for a download of the track? I reaming on the game's title screen, listening to the song for minutes because I like it so much. And on what about its version that plays at the beginning of a demon summon?

@Universa @LumpyTouch Thank you Lumpy!

I would also welcome a sequel. Maybe where the MC journeys into outside world to use his gained powers.

Wait, you got cboyardee to work on the music for this? How?! What's next, a collaboration with Lycan Jonze?

i love this game so much and i love all of you're animations and games keep it up! (nvm my name)