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Update: I am level 4 + SACRIFIGHTS art.

Posted by LumpyTouch - June 4th, 2021

Slowly but surely, I ascend up the ranks higher and higher! The sky is the limit! I can't be stopped!

Let me know what you think about this, I recently redesigned the main character from SACRIFIGHTS! I was thinking this is what he could look like if I updated the game. I'm just calling him 'Chunk' for now lol





The new design certainly looks like someone who might start fighting demons and eating their bits. But maybe the character progresses towards that look as the days pass?

That would be a fun idea! But, it would also mean redrawing ALL the main characters animation sprites several times. I'm inclined to stick with just one design.

I prefer the uber normal feeling of the original one, it provides a nice contrast to the demons

a design for sacrifight 2 maybe ?

make his design so on the final level he has five mahine guns

Is five the magic number?

With each power gained the main character could get more beefy?

yes lumpy

I think this new design looks awesome and It would be cool to see "Chunk" fighting demons and other stuff!

I'm going to be real with you, the design doesn't really fit the kind of "aura" the game gives off, the old design had the resemblance to a poor boy who doesn't know how he got into this mess, i personally like it that way, idk you're the one making the game so you do you.

I guess it's a question of 'if you could battle terrifying demons in order to get your wish granted' what kind of person would you be? I could see tough guy here doing it. Maybe someone Reeeeal timid if he's super cornered?

I think it'd be cool if you kept the original one for the start of the game, but as your stats grow you get a different look. Also what if you tweaked the designs based of the player's individual stats? Something like Deoxys' attack, speed, defense, etc..

I'm just spitballing here but my neurons are firing off so forgive me.

Let's say the following below are the highest stats of all the player's attributes:

Life - Chunk gains a hearty look, maybe slightly more obese
Seal - Assuming that this is magic Chunk's skin gets a different color like devil red or oni blue or something...
Defense - Gets a more rocky look, like actually made of a stone material
Strength - I think that redesign you made might fit it with extra muscle detail
Attack Spd - A slimmer strength probably
Move Spd - An emaciated crackhead look

I'm just thinking out loud about how I feel. Cool game. ?

that is chunkers!!

@numbertumbers @LumpyTouch yes yes, he probably gets bullied in school and gets roped into some bad shit, I quote from the game

"Touch these sigils to gain power."

He just wanted to stand up for himself.

i didn't read this fully and thought it was a bowsette joke. other than that, it looks great.

Big Chunkus

bro, i liked so much the game, and i like the character look fragile, is make more funny, but i think the new visual is cool too. the only thing i say is: pls,give more reason to fight the robot demon, he is so usuless for win, because is better killing the spider and the amalgama zombie than any other demon,and i am not joking

if you are please allow for wasd

no bro, its better the number 1

yes. looks epic

Kinda like the original more, also less detail equal better telling of where the hitbox is. Only compromise I can think of is pulling a Binding of Isaac and doing multiple characters with similar bodies but changes in stats and minor aesthetic changes.

he looks like someone who likes death metal and hard rock

@SvenTheBadass I agree with this person